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Customer satisfaction research.

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Market Research Services

We strive to provide full scale Researches in the dynamics of the Society, the Businesses, the Markets and the Consumer preferences across multiple sectors. We always aim to assist our clients with actionable research findings and most professional and accurate research statistics.

In Market Research area, our services portfolio covers:

We combine strong analytical capabilities with robust research designs to get a well-rounded understanding of consumers across Pakistan. Building on our reputation of utilizing latest technology with operational strength, we aim to provide efficient & credible research services for Pakistan as well as International markets. Brief description of each research area covering its field of application and tools is as below:

Quantitative Research

Fields of Application
  • Customer Satisfaction / Engagement Surveys
  • Organizational Climate Surveys
  • Brand Image Surveys and Brand Value Tracking
  • Advertising Effectiveness Surveys
  • Society Perception Surveys
  • Media Research
  • Face-to-Face Interviews
  • Mystery Shopping
  • CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interviews)
  • Inserts

Qualitative Research

We specialize in the following broad types of Qualitative Research:

Types of Studies
  • Explorative Studies ‒ seek for tailor made solutions
  • Diagnostic Studies
  • Fundamental Studies ‒ category level
  • Communication Research
Fields of Application
  • Communication Research
  • Media Consumption
  • Concept Tests
  • Taste Tests
  • Product Evaluations
  • Pack and Label Tests
  • B2B Research
  • Brand Image
  • In Depth Interviews
  • Gang Surveys

Consumer Research

Types of Studies
  • Satisfaction and Loyalty surveys
  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction Levels
  • Identifying Customer Loyalty & Commitment
Usage and attitude:
  • Desirable and irritating product attributes
  • Buying processes and frequency
  • Product strengths and weaknesses
  • Brand awareness, loyalty and image
  • Characteristics of product users.
Pricing Research
  • Price Elasticity & Sensitivity Analysis
  • Brand Price Tradeoff
  • Analysis of products, its prices & its features.

Direct and indirect taxes by providing tax technical support

M. Haider Advisory serve the clients in managing direct and indirect taxes by providing tax technical support, guidance on effective processes implementation, and leveraging technology solutions.

Tax Guidance