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We are an ICAP registered Management Consultancy Company having multi-disciplinary skills to address a range of services that our clients require in dealing with composite matters in the areas of Risk Advisory, Financial Advisory, Accounting Advisory, Corporate & Taxation, IT Advisory, Market Research and Other Specialized Business Areas.


Our Vision

We strive to be at a standard of distinction attained by:

  • Being the first choice of the most sought after clients, inclined by our keenness depicted through our professional efforts to provide exceptional, timely and value for money services to help our clients make best business decisions.
  • Providing clients with ‘One-Stop Solution’ for all their financial consulting, business advisory, research, and regulatory requirements.
  • Guiding our clients through business challenges by understanding their specific needs and bringing together the experienced, knowledgeable and expert professionals to address them.

Our Values

Our Core Values represent the principles we are committed to. They define what we stand for as a management consultant and are practiced in our day-to-day work and decisions.

Following values are integral part of our professional culture that is strictly followed in letter and spirit: Integrity

  • Objectivity and Independence
  • Credibility and Commitment
  • Professional Client Relationships
  • Progressive Service Approach
  • Respect Individuals and Work together


Our conviction is to regard client service as most important. With this focus, extensive client Service standards are designed to ensure that we fulfill our professional responsibilities to the satisfaction of our clients.

Following standards are being practiced to ensure highest quality services:

  • Determine and comprehend, on each independent service engagement, nature of client’s business needs and directly ascertain their expectations for our performance.
  • Formulate client service objectives and accordingly an appropriate client service plan is developed and executed to meet our client expectations.
  • All-Inclusive and Cohesive Multi-Disciplinary Approach is adopted towards the execution of assignments to meet the client’s specific needs.
  • Establish Effective Communication, both internal and external, to enhance clients' perceptions of the value and quality of our services.
  • Positive, Imaginative and Constructive approach while maintaining our integrity.
  • Broaden and Strengthen client relationships while sustaining a vigorous growth in various industry segments.